Horizontal packing machine series

  • 110 level machine

    110 level machine

    • Multi-functional, a packaging machine can achieve powder, liquid, granules, sauce and other different materials packaging, packaging bags beautiful, accurate measurement. • Replacement of the cutting device is very simple, no need to back and forth to extend the equipment life, to ensure product q...


  • 180 horizontal packaging

    180 horizontal packaging

    MA-180 horizontal packing machine plus zipper 2 film release device 3 packaging film molding 5 packaging film guide 6 color standard detection 9 bottom seal mechanism 10 second vertical seal 11 easy to tear device 13 shear mechanism 14 bagging mechanism 15 open bag mechanism 17 filling T T 10 sealin...


  • 220 level to the bag machine

    220 level to the bag machine

    220 level to the bag machine YS-220 horizontal bag machine, is a fully automatic prefabricated bag packaging machine. Suitable for bag-type specifications, small quantities of products customers. For the powder, water, granules, viscous agents and other materials prefabricated bags of the bag `` pro...


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