Bottle washing series

Automatic Ultrasonic Drum Washing Machine

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The machine is mainly used for pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries round / shaped glass bottles inside and outside the bottle cleaning. Can be used alone, can also be used for linkage line.

Main performance characteristics

• Host DC speed control, stepless speed adjustable;

• dial to send bottles, drum intermittent turn into the bottle, the structure safe and reliable, long service life;

• The containers to be cleaned are thoroughly rinsed by ultrasonic, washed with deionized water, medicinal water, purified compressed air alternately inside and outside, to complete the washing process;

• By replacing parts such as baton plates to meet a multi-machine (specifications)

• Contact with water and container for all stainless steel, cleanliness meets GMP requirements;

• Simple structure, stable performance, easy operation and low maintenance cost.

Technical Parameters

Speed: 30 to 100 bottles / min (depending on container specifications)

Scope: 5 ~ 500ml glass bottles (host to a variety of specifications)

Water pressure: 0.1 ~ 0.5Mpa

Ultrasonic power: 0.5Kw

Main motor power: 0.6Kw

Power supply: 380V 50Hz

Dimensions: 1620 × 810 × 1100mm (depending on the container specifications)

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