Horizontal packing machine series

180 horizontal packaging

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MA-180 horizontal packing machine plus zipper

2 film release device 3 packaging film molding 5 packaging film guide 6 color standard detection 9 bottom seal mechanism
10 second vertical seal 11 easy to tear device 13 shear mechanism 14 bagging mechanism 15 open bag mechanism
17 filling T T 10 sealing mechanism 19 finished product


Main function introduction

Film release device: active film release inflatable shaft release film tube automatic correction film automatic on the film in the film guide bag bag molding machine

Incision device: standard cut easy to tear the mouth easy to tear mouth oblique incision point line broken knife cut

Sealing device: three sides sealed four sides sealing horizontal sealing two pairs of board pattern vertical sealing three pairs of checkerboard

Material: Body - carbon steel spray and material contact part - SUS 304 stainless steel

Control system: PLC - Japan MITSUBISHI touch screen - Japan MITSUBISHI photoelectric tracking - South Korea AUTONICS
Main motor: ABB

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