Horizontal packing machine series

110 level machine

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• Multi-functional, a packaging machine can achieve powder, liquid, granules, sauce and other different materials packaging, packaging bags beautiful, accurate measurement.
• Replacement of the cutting device is very simple, no need to back and forth to extend the equipment life, to ensure product quality!
• Independent material filling device, effectively avoid the fine powder material counterattack, splash; to ensure the quality of sealing.
Basic parameters
1, packaging materials: composite film
2, packaging products: powder, particles, water, mixed materials
3, the production rate: 40-60 packets / minute
4, packaging accuracy: ± 1.5% or less
5, the wide range of bags: 50mm-110mm
6, the high range of bags: 50mm-130mm
7, the maximum packaging: 60ml
8, roll diameter: 400mm
9, power consumption: 2.5kW
10, voltage: 380 V / 50Hz
11, weight: 500kg
12, the machine size: 2200mm × 950mm × 1370mm

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