Filling series

Automatic oral liquid filling and rolling one machine

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The main purpose

This machine is mainly used for the filling, sealing, reasonable design and stable performance. Machine made of stainless steel, high in line with GMP requirements, touch screen man-machine interface, easy operation, intuitive, stable work.

The stainless steel metering pump and filling needle structure is simple, easy to disassemble, easy to clean and disinfect; star turntable by the high-precision cam indexing mechanism control, Intermittent transmission to send bottles, positioning accuracy; local tracking filling, electromagnetic oscillation to send cover, Mito centrifugal seal.

The main technical parameters

Yield: 60 ~ 80 bottles / min (can be customized)

Scope: 2 ~ 30ml oral liquid bottles (can be customized)

Measurement accuracy: ± 1%

Sealing rate: ≥99%

Top cover method: electromagnetic oscillation cover

Sealing method: Mito centrifugal seal

Power: 1Kw

Dimensions: 1370 × 1435 × 1620mm

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