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Automatic double head powder filling machine

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The main purpose

1. Machine made of stainless steel, a high degree of compliance with GMP requirements, food hygiene certification, requiring corrosion-resistant chemical products such as packaging.

2. Touch screen man-machine interface work is stable, anti-interference, weighing high precision, easy operation, intuitive. Packaging weight at any time adjustable, working conditions at any time change, easy to operate.

3. Filling with servo motor to drive the spiral, with accurate positioning, high precision, fast speed, torque, long life, speed can be set, good stability and so on.

4. Mixing with Taiwan-made maintenance-free motor: low noise, long life, life-free maintenance.

5. Fully sealed air resistance transparent hopper, material movement at a glance, dust is not leaked, easy to clean, no dead ends.

6. Filling the exit with the dust collection device, the material can be sucked directly to the safe recovery of the silo, to protect the workshop environment, to avoid unnecessary waste.

7. Replace the spiral accessories, to adapt to ultra-fine powder to large particles and other materials.

The main technical parameters

Metering method: screw pulse metering

Container size: Cylindrical container Φ60-150mm height 60-260mm

Package Weight: 100-2000g (custom)

Packing accuracy: 900g ± 1.5g

Packing speed: 20-60 cans / min (custom)

Power: three-phase 380V (or custom single-phase 220V) 50-60HZ

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