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Automatic Spray Filling Machine

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The main purpose

The machine is mainly used for all kinds of spray products bottle, filling, plug valve, screw cap of the automatic filling, compact structure, stable performance, high GMP meet the requirements; touch screen man-machine interface, stable, anti-interference , Weighing high precision, easy operation, intuitive.

Stainless steel metering pump metering, easy disassembly, easy to clean and disinfect; filling with a suction function, to ensure that no drip; low-voltage electrical appliances are used well-known imports, the use of imported materials, Brand, with a higher stability.

Technical Parameters

Production capacity: 40-80 bottles / minute (can be customized)

Filling method: Piston pump filling

Number of filling: 4 heads

Top cover method: electromagnetic oscillation cover

Top cap: 1 head (customizable)

Rotation head number: 1 head (customizable)

Screw-on way: mechanical or pneumatic (according to cover custom)

Top cover: ≥99%

Capping rate: ≥99%

Measurement accuracy: ± 2%

Power: 1.7KW

Dimensions: 3200 × 1520 × 1300

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