Filling series

Automatic double - track high - speed filling rotary (rolling) cover machine

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The main purpose

The machine can be used for high viscosity (with flow) liquid filling, easy to operate, stable performance. Machine made of stainless steel, highly consistent with GMP requirements, touch screen man-machine interface, easy operation, intuitive. Stainless steel metering pump and filling needle structure is simple, easy to disassemble, easy to clean and disinfection; star dial by the high-precision indexing cam mechanism control, indirect transmission bottle, positioning accuracy; no bottle stop irrigation, no drip, automatic counting display.

The main technical parameters

Production: 80 to 120 bottles / min (can be customized)

Scope: 5 ~ 200ml glass bottles (can be customized)

Into the bottle way: bottle feeding machine into the bottle

Filling method: quantitative piston pump

Sealing method: screw cap / bar cover

Measurement accuracy: ± 1%

Power: 1.7Kw

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