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Automatic template number of tablets machine

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The main purpose

The machine is automatic counting number of filling machine, using programmable logic controller (PLC) automatic control system, and man-machine interface operating system. PLC unique work characteristics to enhance the anti-jamming capability, ruled out the failure of relay equipment failure phenomenon, improve the stability of the machine. With the man-machine interface with a strong operational capacity, more convenient and more intuitive on the machine to adjust.

The machine is mainly applied to the pharmaceutical, food, chemical and other industries, the pellets and soft, hard capsules and other goods count, bottling. The number of head tilt angle and oscillation size can be adjusted, can be applied to the majority of tablets count, filling, to ensure the accuracy of counting. The use of stainless steel, so low noise, simple maintenance, but also to ensure the cleanliness of the tablets and equipment cleaning. The use of stainless steel, the use of stainless steel, the use of stainless steel,

The main technical parameters

Production speed: 30-160 bottles / min (can be customized)

Bottle size: 10-500ml (can be customized)

Drug specifications: pills, tablets, capsules and so on

Air pressure: 0.3-0.5Mpa

Power supply: 220V / 50HZ / 1KW

Dimensions: 2000 * 1100 * 720mm

Weight: 700KG

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