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Automatic plunger paste filling machine

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The main purpose

Automatic plunger paste filling machine, is my company to adapt to market demand, the introduction of foreign advanced technology development of new products. The machine adopts high-quality SUS304 stainless steel plunger metering pump to perform filling, and set automatic cover, automatic screw cap, electrical and electronic as one, economical and practical, small footprint, widely used in pharmaceutical, food, pesticide, chemical, cosmetics And other industries of liquid packaging, a high degree of compliance with GMP requirements.

The main technical parameters

1, the use of plunger metering pump for filling, for a variety of viscous liquid, high precision; pump structure using quick-release disassembly mechanism, easy to clean, disinfection.

2, plunger metering pump piston ring material tetrafluoroethylene.

3, PLC control system, frequency control, high degree of automation.

4, the lack of filling the bottle, automatic counting function.

5, the volume adjustment is convenient, can be adjusted all the metering pump filling capacity, but also for each metering pump to adjust slightly; easy to operate, adjust quickly.

6, filling dose can be adjusted to level control, install the suction device can be;

7, filling head with anti-drip device.

8, filling cylinder with rotary valve piston pump, effectively prevent the drawing and dripping.

9, loading and production can be tailored according to customer requirements.

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