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Vacuum packaging machine fully automatic design concept


Vacuum packaging machine in the food industry is widely used, but the automated vacuum packaging machine has not been developed, still affected by the traditional industry concept, and vacuum packaging machine fully automated, and not as other as vertical packaging machine or pillow packaging machine Can be a machine to do their own bag forming, vacuum process should be the reason for the need for confined space, the design is more limited type.

The existing automatic vacuum packaging machine also did not achieve automatic, still belong to the scope of the bag machine, the use of rotating station will be introduced to the bag machine system, automatic filling, rotating multi-station vacuum chamber , Although the efficiency has improved, but the cost of cost is too high, and did not achieve the bag automatically molding, so automatic vacuum packaging machine should be designed to improve the packaging concept, to solve the bag automatic molding - quantitative filling - vacuum sealing - Of the process, which in the field of packaging is also more important, but also to avoid the list of simple equipment, to strengthen the integration, saving space, reduce the equipment to match the difficulties of independent equipment system.