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Details of Modern Packaging Industry Filling Machine Structure and Its Application


Filling machine is mainly a small class of packaging machine products, from the perspective of the packaging of materials can be divided into liquid filling machine, paste filling machine, powder filling machine, particle filling machine; from the degree of automation to produce Is divided into semi-automatic filling machine and automatic filling production line. Filling machine can not only improve labor productivity, reduce product losses, ensure the quality of packaging, but also can reduce the production environment and the material mixed with each other. Therefore, the modern packaging industry generally use mechanized filling machine, the following analysis of the filling machine mechanism and the typical configuration.

Structure principle

Filling machine from the structure mainly consists of three parts: storage tank, filling the host and frequency control conveyor belt part.

The storage tank is located in the upper part of the machine and is an atmospheric tank with a liquid level sensor and a feed solenoid valve. The material sent from the previous process is put into the tank by the solenoid valve. When the appropriate liquid level is reached, the signal is sent out by the liquid level sensor, and the solenoid valve is closed to stop the feed. When the material surface drops to a certain position When the feed solenoid valve can be opened again. The lower part of the storage tank is connected with the suction pipe of the filling machine through the pipeline. When the main engine is working, the liquid in the storage tank is pumped into the piston cylinder and then poured into the bottle through the nozzle.

Filling the host filling machine is the main device to complete the filling operation, the front of the host with a number of filling head, both sides are equipped with pumping cylinder, each cylinder corresponds to a filling head. The liquid in the storage tank is pumped into the cylinder and then pressed out and poured into the corresponding bottle. Filling the head has a miniature cylinder to drive a small piston open and close the filling head of the nozzle, the role of the valve. The entire filling head can rise and fall. When the filling is about to begin, insert the nozzle into the bottle and open the small piston at a distance from the bottom of the bottle. The On both sides of the filling station there are two small cylinders, two of which are driven by two small cylinders, one at the entrance of the bottle and the other at the exit of the bottle. Their function is with the vials on the filling station Position the bottle accurately so that the nozzle is properly aligned with the finish.

Conveyor belt conveyor motor by the inverter control, to achieve stepless speed, to achieve the purpose of economic operation of the system. After the motor is started, the inlet cylinder is retracted and the empty bottle is fed from the conveyor belt and begins to enter the bottle. And then exit the cylinder out, into the empty bottle by the exit bar to block. Into the bottle set the photoelectric switch to detect the number of bottles, when the number detected and the number of filling the same number, the entrance cylinder out, the entrance block no longer into the bottle, the conveyor belt motor to stop. At this time, filling the head down to the bottle to start filling. After filling, the filling head rises and the outlet cylinder retracts, and the conveyor motor starts to rotate. The filling bottle is sent out. Then, the inlet cylinder is retracted and the photoelectric switch starts to detect the number of bottles.

Typical configuration

The HOLLiASLMPLC is used to control the filling machine. CPU module is responsible for the filling machine system switch control, including the filling head solenoid valve, cylinder movement solenoid valve, storage tank solenoid valve control and filling machine start, stop the control of a variety of photoelectric switch, liquid level Sensor detection, etc .; analog output expansion module for motor speed measurement and control of the speed of the inverter, the control form contains both automatic control and manual control in two ways, the use of touch screen for a variety of parameters, such as filling speed , Filling dose and so on.

So HOLLiASLMPLC stable and reliable performance for the filling machine for a long time to provide a reliable guarantee.