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Packaging production lines interlocking push packaging machinery automation


Throughout China"s packaging market, the packaging machinery industry has a very large development space, the enterprises continue to look for gaps, learn new technology, update technology to integrate into the traditional machinery manufacturing technology, so that soft power with hard power in-depth integration , To protect the development of social support.

From the enterprise market competition, the product replacement cycle is getting shorter and shorter, which on the flexibility of packaging machinery flexibility with a high demand, that is, the life of packaging machinery is much larger than the product life cycle The Because only in order to meet the requirements of product production economy. This allows us to begin to examine the connotation of the concept of flexibility, that is, the flexibility of flexibility, the flexibility of construction and the flexibility of supply. The flexibility of the supply also involves the movement control system of the packaging machinery.

Packaging industry in the process of industrialization, manufacturing technology to complete the scale of diversification, diversification and even personalized needs to further intensify the market competition, in order to reduce production costs, packaging enterprises have to consider the construction of flexible production lines, to complete the enterprise flexible manufacturing indispensable Efficient servo control system to provide support. In the development of packaging production lines, control and integrated products / technology play an increasingly important role.

Completing the flexible production means that the real-time data of the control system should be able to integrate the two-way communication capability of the relational database with the factory production information management system. In other words, from the order pool generation and production scheduling management software in the production control instructions to be timely delivery to the packaging production line control system; Moreover, the packaging production line control system will be running with the state of production to be promptly sent back to Production information management system.

In order to complete the flexible production, requiring packaging production lines in the process of equipment between the equipment are closely coupled with each other, requiring packaging production lines and other production lines linked to each other. Because the controller is not the same as the control of different sections or production lines, which brought the controller is not the same between the coordination of the problem. Therefore, the International Packaging Association User Organization (OMAC / PACML) represents the structured, standardized machine state management function of the object package. Accordingly, the control system that integrates this function ensures that the user completes the whole line with less cost , And even the whole plant production collaboration.

Specifically, to make the packaging machinery has a good automation and flexibility, and enhance the degree of automation, you need to adopt microcomputer technology, functional module technology, while monitoring the work of multiple robots, so that changes in product requirements only need to mobilize the program The

With the continuous development and progress of science and technology, the future of microelectronics, computers, industrial robots, image sensing technology and new materials in the packaging machinery will be more and more widely used, the enterprises need to learn and introduce new technologies, To the production of high efficiency, high degree of automation, good reliability, flexibility, high-tech packaging equipment to enter. To create a new type of packaging machinery, leading packaging machinery to the integrated, efficient, intelligent and other direction.

In recent years, the domestic food packaging technology experts in the introduction of cooperation, independent origin has made gratifying achievements. Multi-function is an important trend in the development of new equipment, because the variety of food patterns, faster updates, manufacturers of equipment requirements are multi-functional, adaptable.

In addition, most of the new equipment is now used servo motor, photoelectric tracking and other new technologies, so that its automatic control capabilities greatly improved. Such as chocolate composite products automatic line, the whole line consists of nearly 20 units, due to differences in the requirements of different varieties of technology, not only the unit itself to adjust the problem, more operation of the process of speed coordination between the units, the unit uses a The total frequency converter to control the speed of the unit frequency converter.

In general, flexible production not only changed our production model, the product packaging more flexible, but also opened up our development ideas, so that the packaging machinery market more than a round of change, to accelerate the innovative thinking to enter the commercialization, So that the potential of packaging machinery to play better, to a new level. This makes the packaging machinery industry to begin to examine the connotation of the concept of flexibility, that is, the flexibility of flexibility, the flexibility of construction and the flexibility of supply. To make the packaging machinery with good flexibility and flexibility, and to enhance the degree of automation.